About us

Provide people with the best universal and infinite energy

In POWEN we are specialists in onsite photovoltaic solar energy and we offer solutions based on savings, sustainability and a smart use of energy.

With over 20 years in the industry and over 100000 working hours, we consider ourselves solar experts.

As a result…

We have saved our customers more than 5 million euros, and have avoided the emission of over 450 thousand tonnes of CO2, the equivalent to removing 6,718 cars from the road each year.

But we´re not done yet…

We want to give everybody the opportunity to benefit from solar energy. So we offer; PPA´s, Rent-a-Roof and, Loans.

In 2021, POWEN became Brookfield's European Distributed Generation platform to support energy transition behind the meter in Spain, Portugal, France, UK and Germany.

Where can you find us?


Where it all

United Kingdom

We´re in
the UK!


Nous sommes
a France!


Ich bin ein


Our second

Spain is the home of POWEN, where we have gained the majority of our experience and established ourselves as a leader in the distributed generation market.

United Kingdom

We are beginning to develop C&I projects in the UK and are always looking for more.

What are we doing

We are beginning the development of C&I projects in France and are looking for both EPC providers and potential clients.

Are you one of those?

Our plans

We are currently working on C&I projects in Germany!

Do you wish to convert your company into a green one? Or perhaps just save money on your energy bill?


Having started work in Spain we moved to Mexico, where we have since installed over 40 MW in solar capacity.

Become part of that journey
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Call us on our free helpline from Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 20:00.

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